Dinner Out

Company Basic Details:

Name of the Company: Type 4 & 9
Date of Incorporation: 06/04/2016
Place of Incorporation: HK
Office Address: HK
Price:  $$2.5milion
Reason of selling:

Cash out

Company Finances:

Net Asset Value: $0000
Total Asset: $0000
Total Asset Breakdown:


Total Liabilities: $0000
Total Liabilities Breakdown: 


Monthly Revenue:  $0000
Monthly Revenue Breakdown: 


Monthly Expense: $0000
Monthly Expense Breakdown:


Monthly Staff Expense:  $0000
Monthly Staff Expense Breakdown:

SFC Licence Details:

SFC Licence Type: 4, 9
SFC Licence Number (C.E. Number): 
Licensing Conditions: 
Public Disciplinary Actions: 
Responsible Officer Status (R.O. Status):
Other Staff Status:
Other Details:

Contact Person:

Name of Contact Person: Andrew
Phone Number of Contact Person: 53205141
Email of Contact Person: 781andrewab@gmail.com
Identity of Contact Person: Buyer/Seller

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